Our Story

My story (Liz), as I know it, starts when I was three days old.  In order to tell that part of the story, I have to tell my parents story a bit.  My parents, Jim and Judie, had been unable to have biological children and had been seeking to adopt.  There was a doctor at their church who learned of their desire to adopt and also had a woman who was a patient looking to give her baby, me, up for adoption.  So in God’s miraculous way and timing the pieces of this puzzle came together.  My parents received the call on May 10, 1983 that I had been born and they could come to Stuart, FL to get me.  On May 13, 1983 I became Elizabeth Hill Constantin in all respects.

Since my adoption was a private adoption in the early 80s I know hardly anything about my biological parents or why I was placed for adoption.  Although there were a few years during the tumultuous preteen years that I struggled with this lack of information, I have always had a great peace about my adoption.  I am honored and grateful that I was chosen by my parents and given a family.  Being adopted has given me an understanding about God’s love for me and being adopted into the Heavenly family.  What a privilege!

Being personally adopted also created in me a desire to show that same love I was given to another child one day by adopting myself.  Growing up and dreaming of starting my own family I always assumed I would adopt.  My parents were in their early 30s when the adopted me, in their late 30s, early 40s when we adopted my brother and due to many moves growing up I don’t remember seeing my friends mothers pregnant with their younger siblings.  For me, adoption in family was as natural, maybe even more so, than pregnancy.

It wasn’t until I began considering marriage in my early 20s did I start to understand the desire to have biological children.  When Matt and I met and married I knew, if able, we would probably have biological children.  That never diminished my desire to adopt.  I praise the Lord that He has blessed me with a man who shares a heart for adoption.  Husband not only supports my desire but shares in and sees the beauty of adoption of an orphan.  Matt has a heart for Africa and the people.  By choosing to adopt an Ethiopian child we are combining both our hearts and desires.  May He ultimately receive the glory!


2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Chhaya Lawrence

    Dear Liz & Mat,
    Congratulation for your godly decision of adopting Children from abroad. May God bless you & Guide you through out this process, & be with you. Liz I read your story, really heart touching, May God give you more & more loving & caring heart to take care of your family.

    With prayers & love,
    Chhaya Lawrence
    Salem Baptist Church

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