Love Giving Tree Fundraiser

Love Giving Tree

We have been so blessed!  We have seen the Lord provide for our adoptions time and time again.  Now that we have been matched with our birthmother we are that much closer to bringing home baby!  Cost is often one of the biggest hindrances in adoption.  Between our savings, a personal loan, and several generous gifts we have $21,000 of the approximate $32,000 of associated fees and costs covered for this domestic adoption.  We recognize the number is large.  The money goes towards agency fees, birthmother’s care, baby’s care, legal paperwork, post placement visit by the social worker, etc.

We serve a MIGHTY God who loves to take care of His people.  We believe He’s called us to adopt and therefore He will provide.  He has and is doing that!  We have been humbled by so many who have wanted to walk this adoption journey with us.  We are humbling asking that you prayerfully consider being part of the redemption story of this little one by contributing financially to our adoption fund.

Since February is the month of LOVE, we thought we’d make a Love Giving Tree to help bring baby home.  The idea is simple really as it takes the smallest to a larger gift to all add up to a greater gift.  This baby is already well loved by so many!  This is just another way to help bring him/her home.

Here’s how it works:

The tree contains hearts numbered 1-150.  If all hearts are “spoken for” we will raise the remaining $11,000!  That will cover the remaining fees and anticipated expenses!  For each number taken from the tree we will be writing your name on the back of the heart to string all the hearts together to make a garland to hang in baby’s room.  This garland of hearts will serve as a reminder for us and for baby of that love had a plan for this little one and of all the folks that helped bring him/her home.


1. Choose a heart with a number from the tree (choose as many as you like).  Please leave a comment with the number(s) you’ve chosen.  You can check out this post with the numbers that have been spoken for to date.

Note:  If you prefer to be anonymous, please use “anonymous” in the name field and the email echodgson at gmail dot com.

2. You donate that amount. There are numbers 1-150, if you chose the #37 you would donate $37. If you chose the number #5 and #10 you would donate $15 total.  We will update with numbers that have been spoken for as we go.

3. You can donate two ways:

a.  Use Paypal “make a donation” button to make donation.  You don’t have to have a Paypal account to do this, you can use your bank account or credit card.  Please know that Paypal charges a small fee for using a credit card.

b.  Or mail check directly to our adoption agency, AmericanKidz, placing “Hodgson adoption” in the memo line.

American Kidz of Georgia 106 West Lamar St.  Americus, GA 31709

4. Once all the numbers are gone your name will be put into a drawing for the chance to WIN a $25 Amazon gift card!

From all of us, thank you!

Kids with tree

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