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As we walk this journey of adoption we have been reminded time and time again that this is not walked alone.  Rather we need and welcome the participation of our friends, family, and the body of believers to walk with us.  As believers we are called to care for the orphan and this may look different for each of us.  Some are called to adopt.   Some are called to support those adopting in prayer and financial support.  We are humbling asking that you consider doing one or both.

Your prayers are so meaningful to us as we continue on this journey.  The enemy does NOT like Kingdom work of adoption and we have experienced many battles in our home since we began this journey.  Please pray for the orphaned.  Pray for the birthmothers in the the US who are bravely choosing life, often against all odds.  Pray for the babies that need homes.  Pray for the international state of adoption.  Pray for us as we journey in adoption to bring redemption stories to two children.

If you feel led, there are currently several ways that you can help contribute financially.  We are trying to think outside the box and would love to hear any other ideas you might have!

For our domestic adoption we have established “The Love Giving Tree” as our primary fundraiser.  When all the numbers are spoken for we will have raised the remaining $11,000 we need for this adoption!  You can check the Love Giving Tree Update to see which numbers are accounted for to date. In this fundraiser you can donate directly to our agency using the information provided in the post or through the Paypal button on the sidebar.

As you may know adoption is also expensive.  There are reasons for this and there are many debates about why this is the case.  If you’d like to ask questions, we are happy to answer the best we can.  For us, it simply is what it is.

We appreciate that our agency includes the often “hidden” fees in the estimate and our travel to Ethiopia for both trips.  You can look at our agency’s itemized breakdown here.  Our adoption fees for Ethiopia are estimated to be between $28,000 and $38,000.  That number is large but not impossible.  We’ve set some money aside but the reality is we are asking and trusting the Lord to provide the rest.  I’m so thankful we serve a creative God!

  • If you simply want to donate to directly to our adoption fund, our agency has set up the Eternal Family Program.  100% of all contributions will go towards our adoption costs!  There are two ways to donate towards our fund using the Eternal Family Program.
    • First, using a secure online payment.  In order for us to receive your donation, please be sure to choose Eternal Family Program in the Destination field and type Matt and Liz Hodgson, Ethiopia in the notes section!  This ensures you will not be charged a service fee and that any donation is directed to our account!


  • Paypal   If you prefer you can donate directly through your Paypal account using the “Donate” button on the right hand sidebar.
    • Please note: Documentation for donations made via Paypal is not provided and should NOT be considered eligible for tax deductions.
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