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Singing Praise, Again!

Hodgson 2015Many have asked if we are still pursuing the Ethiopian adoption now that we have adopted C.  The answer is a resounding, YES!  When we started the domestic adoption for C


we did so as a concurrent adoption.  This means it was an adoption while in process of another adoption.  This was exciting and scary.  We were knowingly committing ourselves to a domestic adoption while waiting for our international adoption from Ethiopia.  We did not feel the Lord was calling us to chose one over the other but both.

The scary portion of this comes with the responsibility of multiple adoptions, particularly the financial aspect.  So many have been exceedingly generous and faithful in their giving towards these adoptions.  In the beginning we were in VA and our church family stepped forward with donations of time, money, and stuff!  Since moving we have had support from folks from all over, US and abroad.  It’s been amazing to witness God’s provision.

We are currently in the waiting stage for our Ethiopian adoption, waiting for our referral.  October 2015 will mark 3 years since our dossier arrived in Ethiopia and we have been on the waiting list with our agency.  When we began we didn’t think it would be this long.  God is good.  He rearranged our plans.  We now have a beautiful daughter adopted domestically we didn’t initially “plan” on.

As we wait, He’s been faithful to continue to provide for our adoption.  We came home Easter weekend from a lovely visit with family and friends in VA to the joyous news we have received a generous grant from HeritageLink Adoption Foundation.  What a tremendous blessing this grant is for us!  Another family who had also received a grant from HeritageLink had posted and shared the information and we decided to apply.  It has been amazing to see others within the adoption world who have helped, advocated, and shared the blessings they have received.  We are so grateful for this grant and being ever closer to bringing home our child from Ethiopia.

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