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He Is Good

Are you ever struck by the extreme goodness of God?  I mean, stopped in your tracks, your thinking, whatever you are doing and wonder at His goodness?  I’ve been having those moments more frequently lately which is grace in my life because with three small children (homeschooling two and an infant) I often can feel like I’m just treading water.


C has been officially home with us for 6 months.  She’s an extremely happy and healthy little baby.  She’s our loudest, happiest, most smiley, best sleeper, child thus far.  She fairly well defines the term “good baby”.  When having children, biological or adopting, you never know what your child will be like.  The Lord’s blessings and grace in this child He has given us has been remarkable.  Mind you our first two are quite a load of fantastic themselves.  The Lord specifically answered prayers that many covered Camilla with before she was even born.  When we left the hospital with her she was healthy, when we came home with her she was healthy and sleeping like a champ.  She’s attached to us without any problem at this time and is delighted to wake in the morning and go to bed at night.  She’s been delighting in her big sister and brother.  She’s a mommy’s girl first but obviously adores her daddy.  She jumps with the best in her doorway jumper.  She has also vocally begun adding to the Sunday morning worship services


We (mainly I, Liz) are still adjusting to being a family of 5.  Yet in so many ways, because C is such a good baby, we are rolling along at life’s normal fast pace.  We’ve been delighted to have her meet two of Matt’s college buddies and their families and also family friends from VA.  She’s had the fun of Christmas with family and even tore open a few gifts with gusto.

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While these things are blessings and not taken lightly, I digress to my original point.  God is good.  C could have easily been in competition with her brother for most difficult first year.  She could have had many unknown health challenges.  Even so, God is good.


We’ve been having some road blocks on the way to finalizing that honestly haven’t made sense.  Until today.  Once again I am struck by His goodness.  He’s got this.  He set apart C for our family.   He’s taken care of her and our family.  There is no power on earth that is greater than our God.  In the midst of frustrations that our completely out of our control, He reigns.  I *know* these truths and it is good to be reminded of them.  Many of you have continued praying for our family, thank you.  Your prayers have not gone unnoticed, thank you!

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