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We are thrilled to be able to introduce our daughter, C.R.!  She was born July 10, weighing in at 7lbs 4oz.  The Lord answered many prayers!  C was discharged on the Saturday following her birth and we received our paperwork clearances in time for us to return home with her the following weekend.  Both of these were no small matter.  We had an amazing week of relaxing, enjoying and getting to know our little one at our hosts home.  Thank you to each of you who have prayed, supported and loved us as we’ve walked this journey.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for…pictures!

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Amazed By His Goodness!

With the 4th fun and getting our big kids to VA yesterday we are just now getting a moment to update each of you.  Below is the final video from our big kiddos.  What a joy it has been to share and rejoice together with them as the Lord has provided each step of the way.

As we laid our heads to rest on Friday, July 4th we had received $522 over the week with Give1Save1!  Saturday was full as we woke the kiddos up early to drive them half way to meet my dad and friend (brave men and grandpas!) who then made the final trek back to VA.

14 - 3

As I got the kids ready to get on the road the Lord had another reminder of His love and provision and then again when we arrived home.  Yesterday we received additional donations bringing the total to $1027!  God wasn’t done blessing us as we reminded once again of His extravagant love…the total donations received this week was $1277. 

In May, after looking at the numbers and seeing what would be the minimum that we would need we began praying the Lord would provide $2000 before we traveled for baby.  How the Lord loves to lavish His blessings on His children and how feeble my faith can be.  Since beginning that prayer we have received $2409 in generous gifts!  We are amazed, once again, by His goodness and grace.   We hope that others are encouraged by His faithfulness to provide!  We are humbled and so grateful to each of you who have prayed with us, supported us by sharing our story and financially giving, and generally walked this adoption journey with us.

Last picture as a family of 4!

Baby will be here Thursday, if not before!  So excited to walk this next portion of this adoption story and have so many of you continue to love on this little one!

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Updates- Give1Save1 and baby excitement!

We apologize for missing day 4 update for our Give 1 Save 1 total, we had a bit of excitement yesterday.  First, below you should find the kids update video for day 3 (1 more video coming).  In the four days as the featured family we have received $522 in donations!   What a tremendous blessing!

As for the excitement, we received a call from the attorney yesterday that baby *might* be on the way and we needed to be ready to go.  Haha, I repeated back to her what she had just explained to me and then tried to stay relatively calm (eh, not so much) as I began calling Husband, a dear friend who would help with the big kids, our adoption consultant, my dad, and our hosts in GA.  All were ready and willing to do what we needed to get us where we needed to be.  An hour or so later, after making all these calls and beginning a frantic packing session, that baby is holding tight for now.  We’re “on call” and my phone ringer is at an obnoxious volume level, so if you hear me as I’m running last minute errands, sorry!

Yesterday’s events definitely put into perspective that we may plan and the C-section may be scheduled but that doesn’t necessarily mean all will go according to plan.  Once again, leaning on Our Father who knows all and sees all.  🙂  Happy 4th to you all!


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Give 1 Save 1 Day 2

Today was Day 2 as the featured family on Give1Save1.  Y’all, how blessed we are to see the Lord work.  Thank you so much to each of you who have shared, gave, and generally supported us.  The total donations we’ve received thus far is $407!  Y’all, that’s incredible!  We began asking the Lord to provide $2000 before we traveled, at the beginning of this week we still needed $868.  In just 2 days we are almost half way there!  How encouraging!  So without further ado…Thank you, once again, from the Hodgsons!



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Give 1 Save 1 Day 1

We know the day is not finished yet but for our kids, day is done.  🙂  Throughout this adoption journey we’ve had our kids do quick video updates of donations.  We think they’re cute (some of their facial expression crack me up more than once!).  Moreover, we’ve found that by doing these little updates it encourages others to see what the Lord is doing AND it teaches our kids to recognize the Lord’s provision for bringing home baby brother/sister.  Part of this journey is showing us the character of the Lord, He is Jehovah Jireh.  Even at our kids ages (5 and 3) they are seeing that God uses His people to bless us.  Therefore, He can use us to bless others!  What an amazing reality for our kids to witness.

To each of you who have prayed, shared, and given, thank you!  So without further ado, Day 1 as the family of the week total $152!


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