Preparations, more thanks to give, and surprises!

It’s been longer than I’d like since we’ve had an update.  Husband and I were blessed with a day’s getaway last weekend.  For Christmas last year we had won an auction for a night away and decided now would be a perfect time to use it before baby comes.  I can’t quite find the words to explain how incredibly relaxing and refreshing this 24hours of focused Husband/Wife time was for us.  I was reminded how blessed I am to have this man to do life with, grow with, cry with, and simply enjoy.  He truly is a perfect gift from the Father for me.  I know, I know, enough sappy talk.

We are in full swing of preparations for baby’s arrival.  Husband has been hard at work finishing projects around the house, while I’ve been nesting in general.  I started getting out baby clothes to know what we had and then realized I had nothing to put them in once they were out!  This prompted the painting project (that seems like it may never end) of the $20 dresser I bought over a year ago that’s been sitting in the garage waiting for a fresh coat of paint.

The “big” kids are getting more and more excited about their Virginia vacation.  We’re working on lists for things to pack and not forget.  Getting them ready for their big time away and wondering what it will be like to come home and be a family of 5.  There are many folks in VA ready and excited to see and love on them.

Last weekend my sweet sister(in-law, but I’m delighted to think of her as my sis!) and dear friend hosted an adoption reception for our VA church family.  Isn’t the table lovely?  Only wish we could have been there with them!


We’ve been so excited to see how the Lord continues to provide for this adoption.  Yes, we’ve said that quite often and what a good and right thing, don’t you think!?  Seeing the Lord’s faithfulness not only blesses us but we’ve had so many folks say how encouraged they are to witness His faithfulness.  Today we received more donations in the amount of $245!  This brings the total to $1032 of the $2000 we are asking the Lord to provide before we travel.  He is good!

(Can I just note that my kids faces throughout this video are a bit hysterical!)

Finally, check back over the next week as there will be two surprises you won’t want to miss!  We’re excited to see what the Lord will do before we travel in just a short time now!  Folks, 2 weeks from today baby is coming!

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