Out of the Mouths of Babes

During a recent grocery trip to Aldi my 5 year old daughter overheard the cashier ask “would you like any cash back today?”  I politely declined, only to have her interrupt to say “Mommy, we DO want cash back!  We’re adopting!”  A precious response, even if a bit misguided on the ways of money and cash flow.  She’s watching and taking in the big picture of bringing home baby sister or brother.

We’ve said it multiple times as we’ve walked this road, we’ve been so blessed!  We’ve seen the Lord provide and meet needs throughout the process.  We’ve been humbled by the generosity and genuine excitement of others as they share in this little one’s adoption story.  We are now 8 short weeks away from meeting our little one.  The c-section is scheduled for July 10th and our flights are booked for July 9th!  The excitement and anticipation is growing.

Thanks be to the Lord our flights will be free due to miles and points with Southwest (more on this in a future post!) and we’ve been graciously offered hospitality for as long as we need while in GA.   Both tremendous financial blessings.  The flights are even direct and this time we will travel together!  I’m so thankful to have hubby along for this trip!  We will be staying with the same dear family I stayed with when I met the birthmother in April.  Their home is quite convenient to the hospital and we will be near grocery stores and such to pick up any odds and ends.  Moreover, we will have the encouragement of fellow believers as we enter into a unique and potentially highly emotional phase in this journey.

As the travel date approaches we have two specific requests:

  1. We are prayerfully asking the Lord to provide the remaining $2000 prior to our flight out on July 9th.  Will you join us in this prayer?  We know He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and we’ve seen Him provide already in mighty ways!
  2. Will you specifically pray as often as you remember and are led for baby’s protection in the womb?  Pray that as this little one continues grow in the womb that his/her Maker would watch over them, protect them from harm, and grow the baby.
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3 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. Deb Poupard

    Praying for you Liz and your family, including your baby.

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