Would You? Could You?

Would you?  Could you drive a Caddy?  In the spirit of every. little. bit., this Saturday I’ll be test driving a Cadillac Escalade for $100!  Teehee.  This makes me giddy to think about.


Photo credit: caranddriver.com

Cadillac is currently running their Spring Event in March.  As part of this event some dealerships, including ours, is offering a $100 to test drive a 2014 Cadillac.  There are some stipulations, you must show proof of ownership and insurance of a 2004 or newer GM.  Our Kia minivan will qualify us.  After test driving they will mail a prepaid Visa card within 6 weeks.

While I do find it fun to go test drive a vehicle that I would otherwise probably never even sit in, even more so I am delighted at the unique ways the Lord provides!

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