Every. Little. Bit.

We try to be good stewards and wise with what the Lord has given us.  This is not to say we were spendthrifts prior to the adoptions.  On the contrary, husband will tell you I’m quite frugal.  While I gave up extreme couponing a few years ago I still shop multiple grocery stores to get the best prices.   I will research until I am confident I have found the best price.  We make our own pizza weekly as we love to have Friday Night Pizza but were finding the carryout pizza option a bit pricey.  We eat a meal of eggs at least once a week and potato bar is becoming a regular.  When you can buy 10lbs of potatoes for $1.69, definitely helps the grocery budget!

So we’ve been looking for new ways to cut a little more off our budget each month.  This past month we switched our cell phones to prepaid service.  Don’t worry!  Our phone numbers are the same.  We had been out of a binding contract with Verizon for over a year but I hadn’t put the time in figuring out what the best option would be.   The adoption agency had requested I text them some pictures for the expectant mom.  Well with my old “dumb phone” there was no way to send MMS and I could not justify spending so much monthly for a smartphone.  Finally, last month we made the leap from the big Verizon to the prepaid services of PagePlus Cellular and Selectel, both of which use the Verizon towers! 

My dad’s company graciously donated a smartphone they weren’t using and I had it flashed over to PagePlus.  I now pay a little less than $30/month for my smartphone, 1300mins, 3000 texts, and 500MB.  I am using data sparingly and used less than 10MB last month.   We put Matt’s “dumb phone” on Selectel as it doesn’t roam so if we are traveling and hit a spot of roaming we’ll just rely on his phone.  His plan get’s a tad less data (which he doesn’t use on his phone anyway) but it’s still only $30/month.

We are saving over $15/month, still have the great Verizon coverage, and now I have a smartphone.  Still on a learning curve with the smartphone thing but all in all I’m thankful. I will be able to send the expectant mom pictures on a regular basis and have our cell bill lower! 

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