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Ethiopia Adoption

So we’ve talked quite a bit lately about the domestic adoption that we’re pursuing and how we’ve recently been matched with a birth-mom.

We are still pursuing the international adoption -in Ethiopia- and are basically waiting. Our dossier has been submitted to the country. There is nothing more for us to do except wait. Well, the USCIS [US Customs & Immigration Services] makes us get new fingerprints every once and a while, but that’s about it. It will likely be another couple of years before we receive a referral for a child from Ethiopia as the wait times -especially for an infant- continue to increase.

Our understanding is that the Ethiopian government re-visits the issue of allowing internationals to adopt on a semi-regular basis. Earlier this year they had such a hearing in their government and thankfully remain open to international adoptions. On the whole, their reasons for re-visiting this seem good as they’re concerned for the welfare of the children and the current practices of placing children for adoption. For example, the processes and checks in place to ensure that a child is truly an orphan is an issue that continues to be scrutinized…which is a good thing.

So, we wait and learn in yet another facet of life that God makes all things beautiful in His time. It’s ultimately not in the hands of any government or regulatory body.

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The Love Giving Tree

Love Giving Tree

We have been so blessed!  We have seen the Lord provide for our adoptions time and time again.  Now that we have been matched with our birthmother we are that much closer to bringing home baby!  Cost is often one of the biggest hindrances in adoption.  Between our savings, a personal loan, and several generous gifts we have $21,000 of the approximate $32,000 of associated fees and costs covered for this domestic adoption.  We recognize the number is large.  The money goes towards agency fees, birthmother’s care, baby’s care, legal paperwork, post placement visit by the social worker, etc.

We serve a MIGHTY God who loves to take care of His people.  We believe He’s called us to adopt and therefore He will provide.  He has and is doing that!  We have been humbled by so many who have wanted to walk this adoption journey with us.  We are humbling asking that you prayerfully consider being part of the redemption story of this little one by contributing financially to our adoption fund.

Since February is the month of LOVE, we thought we’d make a Love Giving Tree to help bring baby home.  The idea is simple really as it takes the smallest to a larger gift to all add up to a greater gift.  This baby is already well loved by so many!  This is just another way to help bring him/her home. Continue reading

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Wonderfully Made

My favorite part of homeschooling the kids is being able to devote time daily to scripture memorization.  We’ve recently committed Psalm 139:14 to memory.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  Psalm 139:14

It is indeed a praise that has been singing in my heart of late.  I know this is true of myself, my dear husband, my kids, and of this child that our expectant mom is carrying at this time.  This child that is growing in the womb at this time is known by our Father!  Even more so, he/she is fearfully AND wonderfully made!

I’m not scared or anxious (which is only by the grace of the Spirit) but I have been pressed to pray for baby and his/her health and safety in the womb.  We are aware that some health choices that are not ideal.  Adoption is so different from experiencing your own pregnancy and watching and controlling everything you can during pregnancy.  It definitely makes us lean on Him more.  I rest in knowing He knows this little one even now and is forming him/her each day as they grow in the womb.

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