Answering some questions

What joy it is to share with those we love our news that we’ve been matched and are expecting to adopt in just a few short months!  As we have begun to share with family and friends there have been quite a few questions.   haha, Husband and my dear father will attest to the fact I love questions!  So I thought it might be helpful to answer some questions here on the blog for those following along.

What does being matched with a birthmother mean exactly?

To be “matched” simply means we’ve been chosen by a mother who is expecting and is making an adoption plan for her child.  While this is “simple” it’s significant as it means that this mother has specifically chosen us, our family, to be her child’s adoptive parents, to raise this child as she hopes and dreams she could.

How were you matched so quickly?

It’s true that our process has been fairly quick compared to what you “hear” of domestic adoptions in the US.  Folks, there is a HUGE need for people willing to adopt domestically!  Especially those willing to adopt minority children, children with special needs, and children who may have been exposed to drugs during pregnancy.  While some of these are scary, they are so worth it!

To answer why so quickly, from the recommendation of a friend we used an adoption consultant (more on this later).  Using a consultant gives the advantage of being in the “pool” many times rather than at just one agency.  This can significantly decrease wait time.

What do you know about the birthmother/birthparents?

We have been given a “history” of the birthmother including health history prior to choosing to accept the match.  We know her age, her race, some of her hobbies and dreams for the future, etc.

As an adopted child the information surrounding your birthmother can be coveted and difficult information to digest.  I never had information regarding my parents but there were times I longed for bits to tell me about them.  The peace I was given was they displayed a great love and self sacrifice by choosing adoption for me.  I am forever grateful that I was adopted by my parents, Jim and Judie, and therefore doubly loved.

Our child’s birthmother is no different.  She desires above all that this child she’s carrying know they are loved.  The child is NOT unwanted!  Just the opposite!  This baby is so loved that she is making the courageous decision to make an adoption plan.

What do you know about baby?

At this point we know baby is due in July.  He/She will be born in Albany, GA via scheduled c-section.  He/she will be biracial.  We will find out the sex of the baby when our expectant mom finds out.  There’s a chance that I will go down to GA to meet EM and attend this sonogram appointment with her.

When is baby yours?

We will attend the birth.  The details of this, we don’t know quite yet if we’ll be in the OR or waiting room, etc.  We know EM would like us there and we will take our cues from her.

The laws in each state are different.  In GA the birthmother can sign 24 hours after birth, in which case baby will be ours.  GA does have a 10 day revocation period, however, the birthmother has before and intends on signing a waiver to waive this period for baby.  We will be in GA with baby for probably a week or so after birth as GA and MI approve us to bring baby home.   We will later finalize the adoption in MI with an attorney and baby will then become a Hodgson forever after.

What are your needs now?

First, prayers!

Pray for us as we prepare for baby’s arrival.  Pray for us as we attempt to love this sweet EM from afar and then if I am to meet her before the birth, please pray for that meeting.

Pray that the Lord would be our strength as we wait.  That He would guard our marriage as adoption is something the enemy would love to tear down.  Pray that He would provide all our needs.  That our faith would be in not what we can see but in who we know!

Pray for baby as he/she grows and develops in the womb. This baby is fearfully and wonderfully made!  May he/she come to know at a young age the great love for him/her and that he/she can be 2x adopted by our Heavenly Father!

Pray for birthmother as she carries baby.  For her health, obviously, but moreover that she would know our Father if she does not already.  She asked specifically if we are Christians and will the baby hear about Jesus.  We haven’t gotten to ask why this is important to her but gives hope!  She is intentionally seeking a father and mother who will raise the child to know Jesus!

Second, while we have about 2/3 of the fees, birthmother expenses, legal fees, etc. paid.  There is a remaining 1/3 that we are trusting the Lord to provide what remains.  We have seen him move mountains and provide thus far and are eagerly anticipating what He will do to provide the rest.  We will have several ways coming soon if you feel led to help financially to bring this little one home.

Third, if you have airline miles or hotel points that you’d like to donate that would be a huge blessing to us.  We plan to contact some local churches in Albany to see if someone is willing to host me when I go to meet EM before July.  We are looking to be faithful in what we have been given and use what we have wisely.

Is it okay to ask…?

Please!  We welcome your questions.  We may not have answers or for various reasons be able to share certain things but what we can answer we’d love to.  We have learned so much already in this process and realize that adoption is new to many.  We would love to share our heart for adoption with you!  Just be prepared, you may have to cut us off as it is something we are so very passionate about!

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