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Answering some questions

What joy it is to share with those we love our news that we’ve been matched and are expecting to adopt in just a few short months!  As we have begun to share with family and friends there have been quite a few questions.   haha, Husband and my dear father will attest to the fact I love questions!  So I thought it might be helpful to answer some questions here on the blog for those following along.

What does being matched with a birthmother mean exactly?

To be “matched” simply means we’ve been chosen by a mother who is expecting and is making an adoption plan for her child.  While this is “simple” it’s significant as it means that this mother has specifically chosen us, our family, to be her child’s adoptive parents, to raise this child as she hopes and dreams she could.

How were you matched so quickly?

It’s true that our process has been fairly quick compared to what you “hear” of domestic adoptions in the US.  Folks, there is a HUGE need for people willing to adopt domestically!  Especially those willing to adopt minority children, children with special needs, and children who may have been exposed to drugs during pregnancy.  While some of these are scary, they are so worth it!

To answer why so quickly, from the recommendation of a friend we used an adoption consultant (more on this later).  Using a consultant gives the advantage of being in the “pool” many times rather than at just one agency.  This can significantly decrease wait time. Continue reading

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Two words

Two words have been occupying my thoughts these past few days.  First word, humbled.  We are feeling incredibly humbled right now.  We have been chosen by a birthmother as the adoptive parents of her child.  This is nothing short of a work of God to put our profile in the right place at the right time for the right birthmom.  We have also received so much love and support already.  We’ve sent out the word to family and close friends that we’re expecting.  To say that they’re happy for us is an understatement.  So many have been praying for us, for this child, for our match for quite some time.  To know that others have brought us before the throne and sought the Father with us is humbling.  We’ve received very generous financial support already as well.  Again, nothing we expected and yet we are being loved and this child is being fought for even at this moment.  This adoption journey is not only about Matt and Liz bringing home a baby.  It’s about a greater redemptive story and it’s been such a joy to see others walk this journey with us! Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence

We recognize we’ve been fairly negligent in keeping up with the blog.  We’ve been waiting.  We’ve been learning to wait  and trust, trust and wait.

So we figured the best way to break the blogging silence would be to announce we’re expecting!  By this we mean we’ve been matched with a sweet birthmom who is expecting a baby in July.  This is incredibly exciting and completely humbling.  We’ve been chosen by a birth mother to be the adoptive parents of the child that is growing her womb.  The details are forthcoming and we’re looking forward to sharing more of this journey with each of you.

Thank you for your many prayers and support thus far!  For today, we are rejoicing in His grace and provision!

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