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Standing in Need

Sorry for the long absence, seems life gets going at a fast pace, as I’m sure it does for all of you.

A few updates:

1.  We are homestudy and profile ready! This is VERY exciting and we are so thankful. Basically what this means, is if there’s a baby (domestically) that needs a family we can legally peruse adoption.  Our profile is basically a scrapbook with letter for birthmothers to read and get to know our family when choosing a family for her child.

2.  Today we go to the USCIS office in Grand Rapids, MI to get our fingerprints taken for the Ethiopia adoption.  This is a praise as we are able to apply for one renewal for free!  The kids will get a fun overnight with Grandma and Grandpa and we will get a night away too.  Thankful to have them nearby and their willingness to watch the munchkins.

3.  Our renter for the house in Salem is leaving at the end of October.  She has had some major life issues come up and we felt we needed to extend grace and let her out of the lease.  For me (Liz) this is a HUGE stretching and growing experience in trusting the Lord.


We leave in a few hours for our fingerprints but first wanted to humbly ask for prayer.  Frankly, the title of this post should be “falling on our faces in prayer”.  First, please pray that all goes smoothly with fingerprints this time.  I have been using the Corn Huskers and will continue during the two hour drive, so hopefully the prints will be bit easier to get.  Second, we have actually been surprised by the need for families to adopt!  We have seen at least 10 situations over the last two weeks of birthmothers and babies.  We want to be able to say “Yes!” to any baby that might need a family.  At this time, however, Matt and I are seeking wisdom and peace to continue submitting our profile until we have a renter for the house in VA.  The Lord knows our needs and He has faithfully provided in the past.  Will you join us in asking the Lord to provide a renter?  Also, please pray for my (Liz’s) heart as the Lord teaches me to trust in His timing and not my own.  We know that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective, so we thank  you all for lifting us up!  Blessings!


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