Saying Yes!

We apologize for the lack of updates these past few months. We are slowly settling in here in MI. In some ways it feels like this has always been home and then there are days when I am asking the clerk at the grocery where the PB is and I bust out a “y’all”. I get the look, if not a flat out “you’re not from around here, are you?!” I, personally, hope the y’all is permanent and that I can instill this in any future Hodgson!

So in the midst of moving to the in laws and then to our own home we learned that the wait time is steadily increasing for Ethiopia. We recognize that this is completely out of our control. We trust that our agency is doing what they can, as well. In the meantime, we pray and anticipate the day we bring home our little one from Ethiopia.

Have you ever noticed that once your heart and eyes are open to the things of God you notice them all over? What a privilege to see Him working and moving. Everywhere we look we see adoption! It’s so neat. We’ve been learning that there is a great need for families willing to adopt African American and Biracial babies in the US! This is remarkable as the abortion statistics among the AA communities are staggering. To know that there are mother’s carrying their babies to term, searching for adoptive families is an amazing answer to prayer. The Lord is at work!

While we’ve been waiting the Lord has been moving in our hearts. For me it’s not just a simple stirring but a clear roar. We feel led to adopt NOW, in addition to our Ethiopia adoption. There is a clear calling on our hearts to be one of the families who says YES! to domestic adoption of one of these babies.

Our agency allows families who are in the Ethiopia program to apply for concurrent family planning. Basically, we are able to pursue the domestic adoption while remaining on the wait list for our Ethiopia adoption. We hope to bring home an infant boy or girl from a domestic adoption in the next year. We will still move up on the wait list at America World and stay “current” on our paperwork, waiting on our child from Ethiopia. The main stipulation is that the child adopted domestically has been in our home for 6 months and we have an approval from our social worker after bringing home baby (i.e. another homestudy update) to continue with Ethiopia adoption.

We are excited to begin the journey of domestic adoption! Will you join us in rejoicing there is a need for families to adopt minorities domestically? Please join us in praying for these brave birth mothers carrying their babies to term and searching for families? Please pray for us as we answer the Lord’s call on our hearts. Your prayers mean so much to us!

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3 thoughts on “Saying Yes!

  1. Bonnie Schmitt

    Yes, I will pray for “ya’ll” and for the brave birth mothers. ❤

  2. Emily Swope

    Liz, this is awesome! You will be so blessed by your decision. Keeping you in our prayers!

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