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Grant Received!

This post is way overdue…we received news that we were to be given a rather large grant from an adoption foundation about a month ago. This is a huge thanks for us and provides some finances at just the right time. The fees associated with the submission of our dossier are one of the largest chunks of money during the whole process. The grant foundation only gives money for the actual adoption process- in other words they don’t give grants to cover travel fees. Since we’ll be traveling to Ethiopia twice our travel fees will be fairly substantial, but with the submission of our dossier a large portion of the fees associated with the adoption per se were delivered. For various reasons we didn’t want to delay the dossier submission by another couple months until finding out about the grant. Under God’s providence two things happened:

1) Our adoption agency very graciously set up a deferred payment plan-till the end of 2012- so that we would still be in a position to receive grant money.

2) We were given a grant before the end of 2012 and therefore were able to actually receive it since we still had substantial adoption fees outstanding because of number one.

How encouraging it’s been for us to see the Lord’s hand in those “little” details!

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