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On Children

In thinking about our adoption I have of course been thinking about children in general. Here are some thoughts…

Children in our day are often either murdered, or worshipped. How unspeakably sad on both counts.

By murder I’m not merely thinking in the literal terms of abortion. Abortion is the first thing that comes to mind, and there is also a whole world-view bound up with it. Huxley’s Brave New World would probably make a fitting sort of catechism for such an order. Did you know that Rousseau [who defined “pity” such that it was ultimately self-regarding] left all his own children at orphanages? One author, Budziszewski, sums up the situation so very well. People get together in groups where everything but the actual wrong done is confessed; there’s comfort in guilty solidarity. It’s sort of like this- the drunk feels ashamed about being a drunk, so he gets drunk. There are many ways to suppress the truth that our conscience bears witness to and keep from thinking about our guilt, “[most] of them stone-cold sober.” Budziszewski comments:

If we may kill, we may do anything-and historians will write that by the last decade of the twentieth century, great numbers of men and women in the most pampered society on the earth had come to think it normal and desirable that their sick, their weak, and their helpless should be killed.

The foul odors of pagan sacrifice can only be sustained by idolatry.

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Let the Wait Begin!


10/5/12 is a day of great importance for us now as it marks the start of the Waiting Stage. What does this really mean? Technically it means ALL of our paperwork has been sent via Fedex to Ethiopia. We have a tracking number and can “see” it make it’s way across the great blue ocean. Amazing. What this also means is that it puts us officially on our agency’s wait list for our child. Each family with our agency in the Ethiopia program receives a “DTE” (Dossier to Ethiopia) date which puts you in the line for your child. Now not every family has the same requests for a child. Some may be requesting siblings, some older children, some a girl, some a boy, etc. Our request is for a boy or a girl age 0-14 months. Once the people in line ahead of us have been matched, then we will receive our referral phone call! Right now the wait is between 18-24 months from your DTE but there is a good possibility it could be longer, as we’ve been learning already! While many get this look of disbelief when I answer the “how long” question, we are praying that we use this waiting period wisely to prepare for our little one. For now, we are ever grateful for 10/5/12! Thank you all for your prayers to get us here.


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