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Birthday, Fingerprint Adventure, and Tip!

Yesterday was a big day for the Hodgsons! First, it was Lydia’s 4th birthday! How time has flown with our baby girl! Since we wouldn’t be home when she woke up we left a little surprise for her at her seat.


Our big 4 year old!

My dad came over at 5am and Matt and I were on the road headed to W.VA’s USCIS office by 5:15am. The trip took just under 3 hours and even though my appointment was scheduled at 9, we wanted to have some wiggle room. Thankfully the travel was uneventful and husband graciously drove and allowed me to doze on the way.

The WV office small and we were greeted by a friendly security guard who checked our ID and had us fill out some personal information for the bio-technician. Even though it was only 8:30 I was taken back to do my fingerprints while husband waited. Matt and I had both “failed” our fingerprints for our homestudy, so I warned the tech before he started. As soon as he took my hand to start the prints he said “oh, you have soft hands, we’ll try and see how it goes”.

For those of you who haven’t done fingerprints in awhile it is now done with a “live scan” and if the computer software can not match your individual fingers, the system “rejects” the print. You can not have any rejects in order to submit prints for approval. I quickly realized that I was receiving more “rejects” than “pass”. The technician tried for about 10 minutes and then told me I needed to try some lotion on my fingers. He handed me a bottle of Corn Huskers lotion and a credit card. Told me to rub the lotion on the tips of my fingers and then scrape it off with edge of credit card. So…back to the waiting room I went with a new and odd task in front of me. I figured, whatever makes it work, I’ll try it! Continue reading

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We’re thankful to report we have received our appointment with USCIS for our fingerprints. This is the last major step in the paperwork that we have to complete before we submit our dossier! We submitted the application and request for our fingerprints at the beginning of August and have been given an appointment for August 29th, next Weds, in West VA.

Having never done this before we had assumed that our appointment would be in DC and that we’d have an alternative date if we couldn’t make our first appointment. Nope. Uncle Sam gives you one appointment at assigned location and if you don’t show they consider your application “abandoned”! We are thankful that we were given a date we can actually attend. Only caveat is it’s Munchkin’s 4th birthday. I (Liz) love to make my kid’s birthdays special as my mom did for me growing up. It’s a bit difficult for me knowing I won’t be here when she wakes up on her birthday. Would you join me in praying she’ll know how much she’s loved and celebrated. We will be having a party for her this Sat. and while not a huge sacrifice I am realizing that each of us will be giving of ourselves to bring this baby home.

We’d love your prayers as we head to West VA early on the 29th. For safe travel, smooth processing at the USCIS office, and timely processing of our fingerprints to receive our approval and paperwork for Ethiopia! All in all, we are thankful for movement in this “paper pregnancy”!


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