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Homestudy Under Way!

Today we had our first home visit for our home study. We both feel like the actual questions and evaluation part went fine. For 2 hours or so we talked about our family, our parenting, our children, our desire to adopt, our home, etc. I had anticipated that part of our visit might be a tour of the house so I picked up…well okay, I cleaned! Husband even said last night “Maybe we should have a social worker every weekend!” :)

As mentioned before we have waited a month to hear from and have our first home visit. We got the impression today that this next phase might be longer than anticipated. We cannot proceed with paperwork for our dossier or applying for grant funding until we receive the completed home study document. Our second meeting is schedule for next Saturday, June 9. At that meeting she will meet with Matt and I individually and then have a time with the children to interact with them. Once that meeting is completed we will again wait for the report to be written and approved.

Would you join us in praying that the Lord would speed this process along? That the report would be easy to write and approval come quickly. We certainly desire for the report to be complete and the SW to do her job well. At the same time, we’d really love to see the next step in the process soon so we can be one step closer to submitting our dossier and ultimately bringing home our son or daughter. haha, also pray that we might have patience while we wait. Thank you for your love and prayers!

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